Street Artist in Los Angeles.

Akim Graff (born 1981, Barcelona, Spain) is a Spanish street artist, currently residency in Miami. He had exhibitions in Europe, USA and Morocco, and is present in galleries in Barcelona, Miami, Chicago, Italy, Lyon and Assilah (Morocco). He started his artistic career as a graffiti writer in the early 1990s.

AkimGraff is in charge of painting one of the more trendy spaces in 2014, “The hall of the arts”, a cultural space with the more important theatrical productions of the moment in Miami. The main TV stations of Miami, Univision, Mira TV, America TV, Chic Magazine, etc. covered the opening and interviewed Akim Graff in every TV channel due to his abilities and his realism in the performance of his art in the “Hall of the Arts”. Akim Graff painharity Hed in one of the districts of high trendy of the arts in Miami, Wynwood. When he finalized his mural, he was interviewed by Danilo Carrera in a special program “El Camino” of Univision and Galavision where Akim finish in front of his mural with Danilo giving some advises about graffiti and invited the interviewer to try the sprays with his own hands.

Akim Graff has participated in several events with “Wall Brawl” in Miami Beach and Wynwood supporting Ronald McDonald Charity House, event covered by Javier Ceriani interviewing some of the artists and among them Akim Graff. The popularity of Akim Graff is growing thanks to his exhibitions live and during the Art Basel Week in Spectrum 2015, where he was followed with all the visitors of the Fair Spectrum. The talent of Akim Graff and the events where he has participated, opened the door to Camilo Egana of CNN, one of the most important TV chains internationally and with a big cultural prestige.